Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas idea if you're apart from your aging parent

This year my mom decided to stay put in her retirement community and spend the time with her friends. I can't make the 600 mile trek back because all of our grown children and grandchildren are uniting at our home.

How can we all stay in touch? Yes, we'll definitely call her and have a nice chat, and stay on the line as she opens the gifts we mailed her.

But, how about giving the gift that keeps giving...after Christmas?

We plan to take all our Christmas photos this year and create a wonderful DVD "photo show" to send to Mom shortly after the holidays. I've created DVDs for her in the past, and they've become a real favorite.

See the site I used: http://www.photoshow.com/home/start
With it, you upload your photos. The free software walks you through the entire process of creating a DVD. You select template, music and can also add titles, transition slides, speed of playback. You can include up to a maximum 150 pictures on each DVD.

Create a DVD and your aging parent will have Christmas memories within a week after Christmas.