Friday, February 20, 2009

A day in the life of a volunteer at a nursing home

Wednesdays are my normal days to visit a local nursing home but this week, I ended up going today, Friday.
I often wish that more people would consider donating a couple hours in their week to go and visit with the elderly. For me, it feels like such a natural thing to do. As I approach the building, I really do look forward to seeing everyone, the receptionist, the director/chaplain and the lady I usually visit.

There's a different pace of life there. Yes, people move slowly with their walkers and wheelchairs. But, along with that, comes a patience and a calming atmosphere. There is no rushing. Everyone takes the time to smile, say hello and chat.

Today I arrived to find the lady I normally visit would be leading the monthly Resident Council meeting. She looked so very nice, said she was running a bit late and people would be waiting for her :-)
So, I sat and read to a lovely lady who is in end-stage Alzheimers. She was resting comfortably in a soft chair and she looked very intently at me as I read. Finally her husband came to visit at lunchtime. I'm told he comes everyday.

Being a part of this place for just two hours a week gives me an insight into what seems to be another world. These people are cared for with such love and they care for each other.
I wish everyone could experience the joy of serving at such a place.