Thursday, March 5, 2009

Use Twickie to post Twitter conversation to your blog

I just found out about Twickie. A way to capture a Twitter thread and post it to your Blog.

I like it for several reasons:
* if a Twitter thread is composed of many replies
* to share a Twitter conversation with your blog audience (some of whom may not be on Twitter)
* I love the idea of the cross-over between Twitter and my blog

Try it. If you like using it, post a comment and tell me why.

Here's my example:
JaneHBDesignSF: I&#39ve heard about these, have a friend moving into one - Rossmore, in Nor Cal, East Bay.
about 3 days ago
daccarte: New post: Aging in place initiative, Nontraditional Retirement Communities (known as NORCs)
about 3 days ago