Thursday, November 6, 2008

Closet Organizing for Retirement Community residents

If you have moved your parent into a retirement community or are in the planning stages, you will want to read the article I've referenced below. Closet space is usually at a premium in retirement apartments. It will help your elderly parent so much if you will take some time to organize their closet. My mother has no interest in organizing but my sister-in-law has been doing it in small chunks. She'll find a complete outfit that my mother has forgotten all about. It's a simple thing such as this that delights my mother. I was so excited to find the following article that provides other good organizing tips.

So take a few moments to read the following article written by a closet designer. She breaks the process down into easy steps:

Step 1: Remove items that you no longer use

Step 2: Create groups for the items you have removed (the author provides some good leading questions to help decide what to do with the items)

Step 3: Organize your closet. A great tip I never thought about is to hang lightest to darkest. She also offers suggestions like using different colored hangers to differentiate navy blue from black.

This is a great article, worth a few minutes of your reading time.