Friday, November 14, 2008

Virtually Aging in Place

I recall when my mother could no longer drive but needed to get to doctors, grocery store, pharmacy. She had only 2 friends who were willing and able to drive her. As I checked into resources to help her in the interim until she could get into her retirement community (in Maryland), I found the resources fragmented and all over the place. I had to seek them out and negotiate with and comply with the requirements of each resource. It was daunting.

So, when I read a blog about a new type of private non-profit organization in Andover Mass. I was delighted with the concept. It describes an innovative approach for aging-in-place called "retirement living without walls". A yearly membership fee allows access to services similar to those available to those living in retirement communities.

As the blog points out, there is strength in numbers! The non-profit organization has a central office and members receive transportation, attend YMCA classes, optionally obtain services such as home repair, pet services, etc. The cost is much less than that of a a retirement community but members gain the care and peace of mind they need and deserve, as they continue living in their homes.

Perhaps those reading this blog will approach their local Bureau/Council on Aging and seek their cooperation in exploring/implementing this concept. What a service it would be for seniors wishing to stay in their home!

Be sure to read the entire blog that describes this new concept,